The first thing I noticed as I was waiting to board my flight from Calgary to London was the fact that I had left my light spring jacket behind and was left with a thin Walmart cardigan. I had ditched my giant down-filled coat with my friend Nicole when she dropped me off at the […]

So, funny story- literally minutes after I posted my last entry, there was a knock on my window and a lovely gal from the hostel named Rachel told me that there was a spare bunk in her room that I was welcome to. She was from Arizona and horrified by the idea that I would […]

New day, new state Welcome to my road trip blog. Take off your socks and get comfortable! Sorry for the weird title to this post, but the old theme for America’s Funniest Home Videos has been stuck in my head since I crossed the border. Now it’s in your head too, Muahahahaha! This month’s crazy […]

Quito For the first time in a while, I managed to reach Quito, the capital of Ecuador without losing a single possession. Huzzah! Arriving in the city at 5:30am was rather inconveient, but I found a little corner of the lovely, modern bus terminal to relax for a while until the sun came up. I […]

Arriving in Lima, I was still mourning the loss of my beloved travel pants- stain resistant, quick dry, and they made my bum look good, goddamn magical pants! Sigh. On the bright side, at least the sun was making a rare appearance in the perennially foggy city (weather pun!). I stayed at a place called […]

Finally pulling out of Arequipa, I headed to Ica on a night bus (and it had wi-fi! Are you listening Greyhound?). From Ica I then flagged down a taxi and reached my final destination of Huacachina, a literal oasis in the desert. There is a little lagoon and palm trees and sand dunes and everything […]

I arrived in Arequipa with every intention of doing another solo hike (because I didn’t learn my lesson the first time, I suppose). There is a rather spectacular trek through the Colca Canyon, second or third deepest in the world depending on the metric you use. The standard tour runs between two and three days […]