There are two options to get to the top of the mountain that holds up Machu Picchu- the rather expesnive bus or hundreds of steep stairs leading up the side. I once again chose the easy route. Planning to get up at 5am but accidentally “sleeping in” until 5:45am, I managed to arrive at 6am […]

Rolling out of bed on day 3 of the hike took all of the willpower I posessed. Everything hurt- my legs, my arms, my back; and to top it off there had been a heavy rain overnight so my tent fly and ground sheet were soaked. Luckily the tent itself didn’t leak, but the wet […]

As I write this I have made it over the mountain, definitely worse for wear. I simultaneously overestimated my altitutde tolerance and underestimated how bad my stomach bug was. I wanted a more dramatic trip to Machu Picchu, but damn, that was a rough couple days. Still two more to go, so we shall see […]

The city of Cusco is the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, overthrown by the Spanish back in the 1500s. It is a beautiful fusion of Spanish colonial and Incan architecture. Many of the buildings still have original mortar-less stone walls from the time of Pachacutec Inka. My main problem with the city is actually […]

Normally when my trip gets more interesting, it’s when things have gone wrong, ┬álike the sailboat getting stuck on rocks in Belize, or the numerous bus breakdowns in Bolivia (maybe I have a problem with “B”countries?). Anyway, for once my journey became easier AND more ineresting, though there was a small hiccup or two before […]

Well I wanted adventure, didn’t I? The road to Huancayo is not exactly the Trans Canada, but I thought I might mitigate some of the discomfort by booking one of the swankier buses, complete with personal tvs and meals served on tray tables at your seat. Picture the leg room of an airplane seat in […]

And once again I am off to a distant corner of the world. I arrived in Lima around 10:30 pm and customs was surprisingly fast and well organized. I love to be pleasantly surprised when dealing with uniformed officers carrying assault weapons. I had organized a ride ahead of time with the hostel so a […]