After catching the train from Oruro to Uyuni, I arrived with my new friends Bethune and Hannah and we looked for a hostel. Bethune had caught the nasty flu that’s going around and was not terribly coherent. I found us a place to sleep near the bus terminal (really just a dusty street where the […]

Arriving in Oruro on a surprisingly decent bus, I contacted my couch-surfing host, Juan Carlos, from an ancient payphone.  He gave me an address to meet him and I headed off with my backpack. Juan Carlos set me up in a room in the basement and invited me out for a drink with the El […]

As I type, I am sitting in an internet cafe in Oruro, Bolivia. It is cold as hell, and the altitude is around 3700m, but I think coming here was definitely a great idea. Backing up a bit, I spent most of the last week at Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala. My flight to La […]

Having been stuck in Copan for 6 days waiting for my eternally delayed DHL package, I am finally out of Honduras and merrily typing away in an Internet cafe in Antigua. I spent most of the last week sleeping in, reading and drinking beer in Copan as I waited. I did have a couple of […]