Belize is killing my wallet, and my bank account will be happy once I get on the boat to Livingston, Guatemala tomorrow, but I still had a blast these past two weeks.  After I left Caye Caulker, I stayed the night in the town of Dangriga on my way down the coast.  Val’s Backpackers overlooked […]

I had trouble deciding which direction to head after leaving San Ignacio, but Kenny G had said that Caye Caulker was not to be missed so I jumped on a chicken bus and started east.  Arron and Caro got off in Belmopan but I continued on to Belize City.  The place has a bad reputation […]

On Thursday (I think it was Thursday- I have a hard time keeping track when I am travelling), I left Flores with my Kiwi friends Arron and Caro and we headed for the Guatemala-Belize border.  This was a much less interesting crossing than my last one; a stamp on one side of the river, then […]

The last 48 hours have been some of the most interesting of my life, but I better back up a bit.  Last I wrote, I was on a night bus heading west… After the 9 hour bus ride tuned into a 13 hour bus ride, Kia and I arrived in San Cristobal on Thursday afternoon, […]

  Campeche! I only knew the name from an old video game I had about pirates, but it turns out that it was a rather appropriate association.  The town was quite the target for privateers and the like during the 1600’s; so much so that they build a huge wall with cannons and forts to […]

PART 1 Ahh, Merida.  The main transportation hub of the western Yucatan, I had high hopes for the place.  The bus dropped me off way in the south, and I had no idea where I was, so I wandered for about an hour before I found the travellers salvation, the internet cafe.  Ten minutes later […]

So other than my drunken post at the beginning of the trip, I have been a bit lax on the blog front.  Apologies!  I just got into Merida and realized I forgot my map, so went wandering in search of internet.  I found this lovely umm…cafe a few blocks from the bus station.  It is […]