Donde Esta El Walmart

I request some apologies as I am writing this drunk and in the dark.  I am in Playa del Carmen and in the last 12 hours have found and used the services of a Mexican Walmart, muddled my way through a Spanish keyboard, inadvertently flirted and been turned down by a B.C. lesbian (oops!), rescued an Australian from alcohol poisoning, had 4 shots of tequila, and danced on the main serving bar of a Mexican cabaret.  Not bad for less than a day in Latin America.




After several weeks of delay (mostly unavoidable), I am finally leaving on my journey south tomorrow.  For my first day, I will fly into Cancun and then catch a bus to Playa del Carmen.  I have planned for about 10 days of wandering in the Yucatan and then it will be on to Belize.  My flight leaves at 8:40 or thereabouts, so it is going to be an early morning, if I sleep at all.  Methinks I need a beer to calm the excitement.  I think I have everything I need, but I am sure I have forgotten something- I never get going without a few hiccups.  Case in point- my trip from Grande Prairie on Friday involved flight delays, a frantic race across Calgary, and at some point I was sprinting down Bowness Road, dodging traffic and trying to catch my errant hat.  This was all for a one hour flight in Alberta.  Once you add foreign languages and passports into the mix, everything just gets more fun.  Onward and upward!


Heading to a land of unreliable maps