Trying to continue this whole idea of healthy living, I agreed to go on a hike with Amy and Lizette from work. Near Hillcrest is this rather large gorge called Kranskloof. I think Kloof means “canyon” in Africaans. Lizette’s husband also came along. I can say for certain that I was the least fit in […]

The new year has been much more fit than December so far. This means it is only a matter of time before I fall of the exercise wagon, haha. South Africa has not been kind to my waistline. Too much biltong and beer. For the uninitiated, biltong is similar to jerky but soooo much better. […]

As the days ticked closer to Christmas, things got quiet at work. We had an end of year lunch at a restaurant by the beach which was really fun as I got to know everyone a little better and (finally) stick my toe into the Indian Ocean. I had seen the other side of this […]

When I found out I was going to stay in South Africa, I was told I was going to the coastal city of Durban. In fact, I am actually staying in a suburb called Hillcrest, about 30 minutes inland. This is fine, since the humidity tends to decrease as you move away from the sea […]

Sometimes you go out for a beer on a Friday night and two days later you are sitting next to a baby piglet drinking tea in the forest. To back up a bit, my first weekend in South Africa was not nearly so interesting. I had decided to spend a few days at Pete and […]

Arrival in South Africa was somewhat less than smooth. There were no troubles with customs and no one asked me about my one-way ticket, but the weather was absolute garbage. Jet-lagged, I picked up my rental car (after an hour wait) and programmed my phone’s GPS to navigate to my temporary new home. Darkness set […]

Despite the travel advisory to avoid Egypt, I went to Cairo because who knows what could happen in the future. Think of all the priceless archaeological sites that have been destroyed in Syria in the last 5 years. Not that the Pyramids could be easily destroyed, but you never know. After a night in the […]